Nanochemistry is the combination of chemistry and Nanoscience deals with chemical applications of Nanomaterials in the nanotechnology. Nanochemistry involves the study of the synthesis and characterisation of the materials of Nanoscale size. Nanochemistry is being used in chemical, materials and physical, science as well as engineering, biological and medical applications. relatively new branch of chemistry concerned with the unique properties associated with assemblies of the atoms or molecules of Nanoscale, so the size of nanoparticles lies somewhere between the individual atoms or MoleculesNanochemical methods can be used to create carbon nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene and fullerenes which have gained attention in recent years due to their remarkable mechanical and electrical properties.


  • Nano Enzymes
  • Compose of Materials
  • Uses of Nano Chemicals
  • Graphene and Fullerenes

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